Women Dating Younger Men – The Changing Perceptions

headshot1It all started with celebrity men breaking the barriers. Back in 70s, it was Burt Reynolds who dated Dinah Shore. The lady was 20 years older than him. The guy had all the money and fame in the world and would have had no problems dating any hot young starlet. Rather, he chose Dinah. Then, it was John Travolta who fell madly in love with Diana Hyland. She was 18 years older than him. Not too long ago, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were married happily.

Older women have somehow managed to date the hottest young men. Research has also revealed that there is a significant increase in number of young men who are willing to date older women.

Women are no longer shy about the age factor. Many women achieve tremendous amount of money and success at a fairly young age. To look and feel accomplished, they don’t mind dating younger men who have zest for life, are energetic and have excellent bedroom skills too. They don’t mind being labelled as eye candy too. It works perfectly for women as they get to have some of the best sex of their lives.

Older women are nowadays giving some stiff competition to their younger counterparts when it comes to dating. The term cougar no longer holds much significance. Nowadays, if you’re dating a younger man you are automatically referred to as Babe. In other words, you are considered luscious, sexy and good-looking. Isn’t that what we all want?!