Give a Private Strip Tease

intimate-couple-in-the-bedroomA strip tease in the bedroom is so much better than at the club. In the bedroom there’s no drink minimum, touching is allowed and even encouraged, and participation is definitely smiled upon. No wonder it’s such a popular request for couples. And luckily it doesn’t take a pro to do a sexy strip tease, all it takes are a few easy tips.

Video Howto

The Outfit
Leave the fancy costumes to the strippers and instead put on a shirt that buttons up. Undoing all those buttons will provide a lot of extra moves and keep hands busy. Leave off pants as they’re hard to look sexy getting out of; instead try a slim skirt or underwear and stockings. Make sure to wear some high heels and leave them on throughout the show. If hair is long keep it up and dramatically release it at some part in the tease.

The Moves
This is usually one of the most intimidating parts, but after some practice it will feel natural. Watch a movie like 9 1/2 weeks and copy the moves that Kim Basinger uses. Try them in front of a mirror and put them to some music that’s upbeat. If dancing isn’t a strong suit try some moves that involve more walking and swaying, just keep moving those hips.

The Performance
Set the mood with some low lighting and keep the music loud. Keep eye contact as much as possible, and go slowly. It’s a tease, not a race, so take time and savour each moment. Make contact, teasing them, then backing off to remove something else.
A strip tease in the bedroom can be fun and sexy. Don’t be intimidated, it’s an audience of one after all that has presumably already seen all the goods, and is eager to see them again. So go slowly, keep eye contact, and keep the heels on!