Get Set for Amazing Vacation Sex

shutterstock_120671335-850x400Sex while on vacation can be fantastic. A different setting, fresh air, it’s something almost magical that invariably makes sex while away from home exciting and wonderful. So make sure to pack away all the necessities for an extra fun time while away.


Don’t take anything that can’t be left behind. Invariably toys are left in hotel drawers and housekeeping is left with quite a collection. Instead, pick up a small mini vibe. They are relatively inexpensive and their small size makes them easy to pack.

Lubes and Oils

If oils and lubrications make a frequent appearance at home then make sure to pack some away. It’s unlikely that stores on vacation will have the right stuff. Make sure to pack all bottles securely in leak proof containers, and don’t place in the carry-on luggage.

Batteries and Chargers

If travelling to another country check their power requirements. Many countries plugs won’t fit the chargers used at home, so either buy an appropriate charger replacement, or a power adapter. If toys need batteries, pack a full supply, as local stores may not carry the right type.

Vacation is a great time to let go of inhibitions, and that often leads to great sex. Make sure that all the right toys and accessories are packed away to take advantage of that amazing sex. And whether it’s the first vacation together as a couple or one or many, make it a memorable one.