Do’s and Dont’s of Dating Older Men

mens healthI recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about the man she was dating (who by the way, is 12 years older than her) and it made me think about prevalence of younger women/ older men relationships. I think it’s something every woman should do once, as it can be a learning experience (mostly about yourself) but there are some do’s and don’ts that go along with it.

  • Do- Flatter him with compliments. Just because he’s older doesn’t mean he’s lost any of his guy-ness. Guys love being told how awesome they are, so do it a lot.
  • Don’t- Get super jealous. Older guys have usually lost a lot of the jealously that younger guys have and he’ll expect the same from you. 
  • Do-Learn from his experience. It’s always hard to admit someone else is right when they offer advice, but give his words quite a bit of weight.
  • Don’t- Ask about age related health problems. (Prostate, Colon, etc)
  • Do- Let him be old fashioned. Chances are with his maturity he’ll have a stronger set of gender roles than you. LET HIM BE THE MAN.
  • Don’t- Give him a nickname that brings out his age. AND ESPECIALLY NEVER ‘DADDY’ That’s just super creeps yo.
  • Do- Expect to get judged.  People may say rude things or you might get a few sideways glances
  • Don’t – Give a shit. It’s your life, make your own choices and own them.