Discrete Bedroom Furniture for Better Sex

98112754Decorating the bedroom with matching curtains and pillows will make it look nice, but to be truly functional a bedroom has to have more than a stylish décor. Adding some furniture meant just for sex will add not only functionality, but also some fun. There are many positioning aides available, but they can be divided into two main categories: foam core and inflatable.

Foam Core Positioning Aides

Cushions or positioning aides made with an inner foam core tend to be more sturdy and supportive. They can also take more weight, making it easier to accommodate more than one person. This can be handy for putting a twist on some favourite positions while attaining much deeper penetration. Many of the high end versions, like those from Liberator, come with removable and washable covers, and are stylish enough to be left on the bed between intimate sessions as extra support while watching TV or reading a book.

Inflatable Positioners

Though not as sturdy as those with foam cores, inflatable pillows are quite popular due to their relatively lower price, and the flexibility they offer for storage. Simply deflate when done and fold up in a closet. They can’t take as much weight, and are usually suggested for solitary use, hence they usually come equipped with an attachable dildo.

Adding a position enhancer to the bedroom can lead to greater sex as it creates new angles and positions for greater penetration and relief of sore muscles. And with the modern look of many positioning aides they can be incorporated easily into the bedroom décor as a stylish accessory.