Dating Younger Men – Do’s and Don’ts

029It is normal for you to not see any future together and have just fun while dating men younger than you. Most women who date men younger than them do it for physical reasons and less for romance.

This article, a cougar explains dating younger men, in the Huffington Post is a great first person example.

There are different rules that apply to dating younger men in comparison to the ones which are applicable in normal relationships. Let’s go over the dos and dont’s.

Avoid mentioning your future plans – Your younger male lover may not have any interest in long-term relationships. All he may be looking for is good sex. Avoid bombarding him with your plans for future, as you may end up freaking him out.

Respect his reasons for going around with you – Your and your partner’s reasons for getting into a relationship may be completely different. While all you may be looking for is blowing off some steam, or killing your curiosity, he may just want to learn some great bedroom tricks to stand a better chance with other women. It could be that he just wants an easy arrangement of friends with benefits. Whatever may be the reasons, it’s important that you enjoy the ride while you can and avoid asking questions.

Prepare yourself mentally to walk away – You must avoid getting yourself emotionally involved with a younger man unless you are absolutely sure about yourself and him. I suggest that you prepare yourself mentally to walk away whenever you want to. Most of these relationships are about living for the moment. It’ll be better if you keep them that way.