Dating Younger Men – Do’s and Don’ts

029It is normal for you to not see any future together and have just fun while dating men younger than you. Most women who date men younger than them do it for physical reasons and less for romance.

This article, a cougar explains dating younger men, in the Huffington Post is a great first person example.

There are different rules that apply to dating younger men in comparison to the ones which are applicable …

Discrete Bedroom Furniture for Better Sex

98112754Decorating the bedroom with matching curtains and pillows will make it look nice, but to be truly functional a bedroom has to have more than a stylish décor. Adding some furniture meant just for sex will add not only functionality, but also some fun. There are many positioning aides available, but they can be divided into two main categories: foam core and inflatable.…

Your Hands-on Guide to Masturbation

masturbation-reasons-011Even though masturbation seems less taboo these days, research shows that women still feel guilty about indulging in the act. The thing with masturbation is that it teaches you about your body and pleasure zones and  prepares you for great sex.

Video: 10 Must know Facts About Masturbation

Masturbation is one of the sexiest ways to please yourself. Here is a guide on how to throw a party for one:

Get yourself into the mood:

Give a Private Strip Tease

intimate-couple-in-the-bedroomA strip tease in the bedroom is so much better than at the club. In the bedroom there’s no drink minimum, touching is allowed and even encouraged, and participation is definitely smiled upon. No wonder it’s such a popular request for couples. And luckily it doesn’t take a pro to do a sexy strip tease, all it takes are a few easy tips.

Video Howto

The Outfit
Leave the fancy costumes to the strippers and …

Women Dating Younger Men – The Changing Perceptions

headshot1It all started with celebrity men breaking the barriers. Back in 70s, it was Burt Reynolds who dated Dinah Shore. The lady was 20 years older than him. The guy had all the money and fame in the world and would have had no problems dating any hot young starlet. Rather, he chose Dinah. Then, it was John Travolta who fell madly in love with Diana Hyland. She was 18 years older than him. Not …

Tips on Dating Older Men at Workplace

BLD019381-1When I mention dating older men at workplace, I don’t mean dating your older male colleagues. What I mean is finding potential older male dates in your organisation’s customers. Some of the jobs that are most likely to land you dates with older men are: customer service assistant or personal shopper at some upmarket departmental store or a retail outlet, administrative assistant in some reputed law firm or financial institution, hostess or a waitress in …