A brief overview on the different types of bags for men, and the few brands to know

Of all the fashion accessories, the bag is probably the one that people have the most difficulty in appropriating – for many, the bag remains primarily female attribute par excellence.

But if the subject of the man bag was still a little complicated there are 2 or 3 years, we can say that things have evolved: both on TV and in magazines, on Pinterest, on fashion blogs male or in the street, the man bag has become well established in the landscape.

And not for nothing: once past the cliché “= feminine accessory bag”, you realize that a beautiful bag (well chosen and of good quality) complete a terribly good look

(… Besides being damn practice).

The technical backpack sports /

The backpack: obvious – who do not have, be it at school, or sports?

Long been reserved for enthusiasts looks “sport” and “street”, the backpack was not synonymous with elegance, but rather, adventure and practicality.

Popular sport, therefore, but also, bikers and those with outdoor professions, or simply those who primarily want a bag “practice” for lugging their stuff.

Also essential for teenagers who do not hesitate to destroyer just to assert their rebellious spirit (which has not had its Eastpack- or equivalent – customized to the felt, college and high school)

In terms of brands and models, they are numerous and generally easy to find: a simple visit to skate shop in a big box sports GoSport Decathlon kind or even in a specialty store “mountain” will find sports backpack of your dreams.

Practical, but watch out for the bad taste if you wear it with a “too” formal dress: the backpack is really suitable only sporting looks or comfort.

If you have a worked look, opt for a less technical and more refined bag.

Vintage bag back

And indeed: for some time are emerging vintage bags back, often military-inspired style and worked to render elegant, without remove its practicality.

Fabric and / or leather one, you will not use it to go on a trek, sure, but if you need to lug a lot of stuff every day and you have a very sharp look, he might be the bag for you.

Perfect for a preppy / prepy schoolboy look, it’s the favorite bag of those who like to cultivate a look dandy-artist-woodsman (yes, you know very well what I mean) – knowing that it is very easy to muddy the waters by mixing the codes.






sac-a-dos-black-padded-pak-r-you-Returnity eastpak


sac-a-dos-flag-multicolored-denim-supply-ralph lauren-


The bag (or “Tote bag”)

Some also speak of “shopping bag”, especially when it is made of canvas or plastic.

I do not know you, but when I hear the word “bag”, I imagine an old woman returning from shopping with leeks.

Yet this is one of the most appreciated by fans of cutting-edge fashion bags.

Resolutely fashion, not all necessarily dare wear because the tote bag is very feminine, and very often associated with the world of fashion; it is often seen worn at the elbow of the trendiest fashionistas (allo Manhattan?).

A sort of hybrid between the shopping bag and beach bag – and directly borrowed from the trends in women’s fashion.

Not the most manly, so … (we also carry by hand or shoulder, but certainly not at the elbow, a gesture considered too feminine, too mannered, what could you attract stares and rude comments – unless it’s not a problem for you)

Still, for a guy adept androgynous looks and inspired codes of the New York-style, this bag is the perfect accessory, combining practicality and stylistic high load.

Because it is often light and not really made ​​to be closed, it is perfect for a look “chic summer visitor” (think shorts, boat shoes, sunglasses, …).



That said, it works not bad with dressier looks.

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Going up the range, there are more elaborate and more elegant models.




The bag (or “messenger”)

The bag is the bag with flap, which will usually slung, like the postman or courier DJ (Americans also speak of “messenger bag”).

Again, we have seen many students wearing it, and found in all styles (and for everyone, including the most doubtful).

A little research, there are friendly enough and not too expensive stuff, and amount range of art we find true works.




The bag 24

The 24 is the new name of the case that we all know: the one in which we tote the laptop, some papers, a bottle of water, a book and iPad.

It differs from the messenger in that it does not flap; He closes on top via a zipper. Wear it by hand, sometimes shoulder.

Simply put: it’s the briefcase of Generation Y (those who did not take to school finance option :)

How easy it is to opt for those designed for laptops, and is left with one thing in more or less robust black nylon as the price we pay for. It will be functional, but terribly austere, and rarely very elegant.

That said, for those who love pretty things, there are 24 VERY beautiful bags, and several styles of skating for modern adventurers brown leather, accommodating their Mac 15 “or versions approaching the attache box for those who operate in more sober and harsh environments.

saccoche-FAGUO tobacco

reporter-bag-gray-Nickler eastpak





montorgueil workshops august


The binder (or “satchel”)

Hybrid messenger and 24, the bag can vary in size and capacity, and recognizes that it has a flap that closes with buckles.

What … a satchel.

Very ‘Dead Poets Society “- or Harry Potter (all references), we will see more and more because the current fashion is riding a lot on the retro / chic with English / craftsman / schoolboy.

Think Oxford, Cambridge, English teacher, Prague Spring and old Polish plumber (yes I know, strange mix, says that)

This particular type of bag like much to those who want to reclaim the traditional academic codes (in order to divert).








The 48h bag

This is the big brother of 24, and as the name suggests, this is the kind of perfect bag to go on a weekend.

It offers (should offer) enough capacity to be able to put clothes and gear (indeed, it is sometimes called bag “weekend” or “holdall” – that can be translated as “catch-all”) .

It is also the type of bag that offers the greatest diversity, both in terms of style, that level of quality (and price …).

Depending on its size, we can also speak 72 hours, we will speak of larger model.

As 24 hours, as the backpack vintage, a beautiful 48 hours, in a noble and well finished (and whose style fits well to your look) help give you a classy.











leather-bag-weekend-john-brown cognac-Sandqvist

Some interesting brands

Whatever the budget, looking good, we get to find interesting bags.

Obviously, to bags under € 100/150, it will not take too illusions about the strength / degree of finish of the bag (whatever searching, you should be able to find good quality / price ).

For smaller budgets, you can look towards brands like:

      • Faguo: cute bags at reasonable prices. They do not last 10 years, but can make a good first purchase
      • Ben Sherman: I personally dislike enormously their models, but they are accessible in terms of price
      • Veja
      • The North Face
      • Herschel
      • Eastpack: manufacturer backpack seems to be interested in other bags and want to make inroads into the world of stylish bags +. A monitor.
      • Fred Perry

Zara can offer attractive bags (but beware of the value for money)

Property of … (I find a cheap hair for what it is) (Given that prices are rising quickly on the + massive bags, for no real reason in my opinion)

Stay tuned to the finish, revealing the life expectancy of the bag (seams, bottom of the bag handles, zippers and fasteners, etc.). For the material on this price, you will not have very noble, but not necessarily useful to have a leather bag, especially for a first.

If you want to type in the more upscale, for more robust and prestigious bags, which will accompany you for years, some brands to know:

  • Sandqvist: instead of mid-range, with the price level that goes with it.
  • Blue heaters (I love), which offers leather bags and leather & canvas waxée (French artisanal production in Aveyron, which has a price: they are expensive, but really stylish)
  • Workshops Augustus again, quality; handicraft production Françe, with a real commitment to the quality of parts used
  • Filson, known for its American brand indestructible bags mentioned above
  • JCrew offers beautiful bags in different collections
  • Leon Flam prestigious 1920

If you know of other brands that are worth visiting, please let us know :)

Menswear: our tips on how to dress well, develop their sense of style and become more elegant

Dress well, an art – and one may want to dress well, for several reasons.

– For yourself (feel elegant and well dressed, nothing better to develop their confidence and self-confidence)

– To improve the image that refers to the other (which is always useful in everyday life – in the social sphere, love and work: it is taken more seriously)

– Or, by passion for menswear and to assert through his style, claiming some sophistication (intellectual sociocultural aesthetic??), Certain values ​​and ideals

Dress well, it is due to several things:

– Know the fundamentals of men’s fashion (dress in the right size, avoid bad relationships / money, knowing how to identify quality brands, namely associate clothing and avoid the faults of taste)

– Know and understand trends, sharpen his instincts and his understanding of the codes of menswear to develop gradually his own style

“How to dress”, “How to Have Style,” “How to be stylish,” learn how to spot quality clothing, sharpening his instinct for
fashion, discover the brands that stand out: you’ll find it in our articles, below.

We will try to do things well, do not hesitate to give us your feedback!

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